Friends and Supporters of Four Winds

Four Corners Federated Republican Women

Our gratitude for the recent donations that you so generously provided to Four Winds Recovery Center.

Four Winds Recovery Center has been providing affordable substance abuse treatment in this community for more than 39 years. As a nonprofit facility we are constantly faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of our clients while maintaining our budget.  The individuals that enter our program have complex issues that often go far beyond alcohol and/or drug use.  Many have experienced significant trauma and have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and other emotional problems.  An important part of the treatment and recovery process is to assist our clients in understanding their emotions and the impact these emotions have on thoughts and actions so that they may take responsibility for themselves and make necessary changes.  One of the most effective methods of helping people get in touch with their emotions is through art.  This accesses a different part of the brain and helps clients express themselves.    The donated art supplies are extremely helpful to us as we can use funds we would have spent on them for other needs.

We are also especially appreciative of the towels and wash cloths. With an average daily residential census of 22 clients these are items that get much use and must frequently be replaced.  Finally, the donation of funds to purchase a new vacuum cleaner was wonderful as this is a larger expense that would have had to be delayed until the budget allowed.

We  cannot thank you enough for the generosity and compassion of the Four Corners Federated Republican Women. Thank you for helping us to fulfill our mission to improve the well-being of our community.