Our Programs

Four Winds Recovery Center is pleased to announce that it has earned a Three-Year Accreditation from CARF for the following programs:

30/90 day Residential, OP/IOP.

Residential Treatment Admission Criteria:

  1. Appropriateness for admission is determined by substance abuse assessment completed no more than 30 days prior, completion of all screening tools, and an  interview with intake coordinator.
  2. Must be adults age 18 and older.   Must provide proof of residency along with proof of income.
  3. Individuals with previously diagnosed co-occurring mental health disorders must be stable with medications and able to be comfortable in a dormitory environment.
  4. Any individual taking appropriately prescribed medications must bring enough medication to last for 30 days.
  5. Any individual involved with probation/parole or other components of the legal system must sign and maintain a signed release of confidential information for the length of time in they are receiving treatment services.

Residential Treatment Referral Sources:

  1. Probation/parole, attorneys, public defenders office, CYFD, families, self, and other social service, medical or behavioral health providers.

Residential Treatment Program:

  1. All clients are assigned a primary counselor upon admission and a master treatment plan is started within 72 hours.
  2. All clients are given a TB by the RN who also does a blood draw for basic laboratory testing.  Clients are seen by the FNP-C for a physical exam within five days of admission.  Co-occurring clients are seen weekly by the prescribing psychologist for mental health diagnosis and/or medication management.
  3. The program uses an eclectic approach including the evidence-based practices of motivational interviewing, community reinforcement approach, and the 12-step model.
  4. Client support systems are actively engaged in the treatment process through weekly multi-family groups. Individual family sessions and conjoint sessions are provided on an as needed basis.
  5. Clients attend both in-house and outside 12-step meetings.
  6. Clients participate in peer support groups.
  7. Clients attend educational lectures and therapy groups as well as weekly gender specific therapy groups and art activities.
  8. Clients attend the Victim Impact Panel.
  9. Clients attend informational sessions on domestic violence that are presented by staff from Family Crisis Center.
  10. Clients are supported in actively engaging with Workforce Solutions job readiness and job seeking activities.
  11. Clients are given the opportunity to attend sweat lodge ceremonies at Totah Behavioral Health Authority-every other Friday for men and one time per month fro women.
  12. Discharge planning begins at admission and all clients are referred for ongoing care at the appropriate level of care as determined by individual needs.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP):  IOP consists of three weekly three-hour groups and at least one individual session every two weeks for a minimum of 12 weeks.

IOP Admission Criteria:

  1. All individuals must meet American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria for this level of care.

IOP Referral Sources:

  1. The Four Winds Recovery Center residential program refers clients to IOP as a step down in levels of care when appropriate.
  2. Referrals are also accepted from probation/parole, attorneys, public defenders office, CYFD, families, self, and other social service, medical or behavioral health providers.

IOP Program:

  1. Clients are assigned to the caseload of the IOP counselors.
  2. The IOP is based on the evidenced-based practice of the Matrix Model and is recognized as an approved co-occurring IOP provider by the State of New Mexico Department of Health Behavioral Health Services Division.
  3. Multi-family groups and prosocial activities are provided.
  4. Local 12-step groups present informational sessions.
  5. All referral sources are provided with weekly progress reports.

Outpatient Treatment (OP):  OP consists of weekly 90 minute counseling sessions for a minimum of 24 weeks with individual sessions as needed.

OP Admission Criteria and Referral Sources:

  1. Only individuals who have completed residential treatment, IOP, or both at Four Winds Recovery Center are eligible for admission into OP.

OP Program:

  1. The OP program consists of weekly process groups utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy to support clients in their ongoing recovery and adjustment to life outside of treatment.